Alexandra Garage offers drivers the most durable, high-performaning tyres. Whether you are looking for tyres for comfort and durability, sports performance, heavy industrial vehicles or commercial vehicles, you’ll always find a great option in our range. To find the perfect tyres for your vehicle, please browse our range of tyres below.

What Tyre Brands Can I Find At Alexandra Garage?

At Alexandra Garage, you can find a variety of high-quality tyres from various brands including Goodyear, Dunlop, Goodyear, Pirelli, Roadstone and many more. The large range of tyre brands and the features connected to each tyre provides you with the perfect tyres for your vehicle.

What Can You Tell Me About Goodyear?

Goodyear is one of the most popular tyre brands in the world. They are known for their tyre technology and advanced tyre materials, which enable the company to provide some of the best tyres in the world.

Some of the technologies that accompany Goodyear tyres are 3D-BIS Technology®, SoundComfort Technology, RunOnFlat and ActiveBraking. Each of these technologies can make your drive more comfortable and more efficient, so be sure to check out Goodyear tyres to see if they fit your vehicle.

What Can You Tell Me About Dunlop?

Originating in Europe over 130 years ago, Dunlop is now a popular tyre brand in Australia and all over the world. Dunlop has a long history in motorsport and uses technologies learned on the track in manufacturing Dunlop’s range of passenger car tyres, performance tyres and motorcycle tyres. Like Goodyear, Dunlop also manufactures a range of tyres for trucks, busses and industrial vehicles.

What Can You Tell Me About Roadstone?

Roadstone is not as widely known as Goodyear or Dunlop, however, offers drivers a great range of entry level tyres for a great price.

At Alexandra Garage, customers can find excellent tyre options from Roadstone. These include the all-terrain tyres, with advanced tyre patterns and additional technologies.

Other Tyre Brands At Alexandra Garage?

We already mentioned some of the main tyre brands available on Alexandra Garage, but there are many more tyre brands to be discovered. In addition to Dunlop, Goodyear and Roadstone, customers can find additional tyre brands such as Remington Tires.

Before choosing a particular tyre brand, we recommend looking at the most suitable tyre sets for your vehicle. Each tyre set tends to have specific properties and certain benefits. Customers can also filter the tyre results according to the benefits of the tyre, which is definitely useful when you are looking for more durable, high-performance tyres.

How to Find the Right Tyre?

Finding the right tyre can be somewhat difficult when you have a large amount of tyre brands to choose from. However, with our useful filter tool, you can filter out the tyre brands that do not possess the tyre properties you are looking for.

Still, given the fact that there are a lot of tyre brands to choose from, you can also count on the experience of the Alexandra Garage staff. If you are experiencing problems picking out the right tyres for your vehicle, feel free to speak to one of our customer representatives for additional help.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wheel Alignment

Put simply, wheel alignment is the science of precisely measuring and then positioning the wheels on your car to ensure the least amount of wear to your tyres. When correctly set it will significantly extend the life of your tyres, your car also should handle better, be safer to drive and enjoy greater fuel economy.

If your steering wheel isn’t straight or your car pulls to either side or wanders on straight roads.
After an encounter with a particularly nasty pothole or kerb.
When you are replacing your tyres.
We recommend a wheel alignment twice a year to ensure your vehicle’s safety, to improve handling and to help maximise the life of your tyres.

Two of the most common problems that can cause rapid tyre wear are incorrect Camber and Toe-In settings.

This measurement determines whether or not your wheels lean in, out or sit straight up in a vertical position. Incorrect camber makes your car feel as if the steering is pulling to either side. Correct camber ensures the right amount of tyre tread is in contact with the road for safer turning, braking and reduce tread wear.

If your front wheels are ‘pigeon-toed’, you have toe-in and if they’re pointing out like ballerina’s feet you have toe-out. Both lead to tyre scrubbing and excessive tread wear and may also cause unpredictable steering response.

Our services include:

Standard Alignment

Front wheel alignment angles are measured and adjusted.

Thrust Alignment

Front and rear wheel alignment angles are measured with adjustments made to the front wheels.

Four Wheel Alignment

Front and rear wheel alignment angles are measured and all four wheels are adjusted accordingly.

The tyre brands we use