Selling your car made easy

1- Tell us about your car

See how much you can earn by selling your car to us. Just tell us a few details about your car to get an instant estimate. This is only an indicative value and a final offer may vary depending on the condition of your car.

2- Schedule a free evaluation at your doorstep

Want to find out the true value of your car? Schedule a free evaluation at a time of your convenience and our car experts will give you a visit to validate your car’s worth and make the final offer. We’ll give you more cash for your ride than a dealer & make it much easier than selling it yourself.

3- Get an immediate offer, valid for 10 days

The offer we make is calculated using standard criteria that takes into consideration the vehicle’s inspection report, history records and over 2 million data points to make sure your car gets its right worth. At no point, will we rush you into selling your car and that is why at Alexandra Garage, your offer stands good for 10 days.


4- Get paid the minute you’re ready to sell

Ready to cash in on your car? We’re only a phone call away. Just complete a few necessary paperwork and get paid in a jiffy. Your work ends here, we’ll take care of the paper transfer and other necessary paperwork too. Isn’t selling with Alexandra Garage a really convenient and hassle free experience? We believe so too.

1- We pass on the savings to you

At Alexandra Garage, cars are sourced from individual sellers & sold to individual buyers, thus, eliminating multiple layers of dealerships from the process. No cuts & commissions involved help us pass on the savings to you. With Alexandra Garage you can rest assured that you’ll always get the most competitive offer for your car.

2- Always get a fair price for your car

A lot of market factors like new car launches and market sentiments around an existing car model can variably influence the current worth of your car. Alexandra Garage uses over a million data points of car transactions to arrive at a price that is always fair to you and your car.

3- An evaluation that reflects your car’s quality

Every car’s condition is unique depending on its ownership and maintenance. At Alexandra Garage we make sure that you always get the deserving price for your car and nothing less. This is done with the help of our detailed inspection process that evaluates your car thoroughly to offer you a price you can always trust.

4- 10 days offer validity. Take your time to decide

We know that the decision to sell should always be yours and therefore at Alexandra Garage we never rush you into selling your car. Our best price offer stays valid for up to 10 days from the date of inspection. We’ll buy your car & transfer the money instantly, the moment you’re ready to sell.


1-Sell from the comfort of your home

Experience the easiest way of car selling ever introduced. Sell your car from the comfort of your couch with one click. Schedule an evaluation for your car at your home or office,  get a great offer and get paid the same day.


2- No haggling. No uncertainty

You no longer have to haggle for a better price with non serious buyers or put your safety to test over countless test drives. Sell your car with certainty for a great price in the most convenient way with Alexandra Garage.


3-Trusted offer. 10 days validity

At Alexandra Garage, your car’s quality matters the most to us. Our detailed inspection process helps us evaluates your car thoroughly to offer you a price you can always trust.


4- Hassle free paperwork

With Alexandra Garage, you never have to worry about paper transfer problems while selling your car. Our car experts are here to do the paperwork for you so can you can rest easy at home.