Buying your car made easy

1- Select the car you love

See over quality images of cars along with their detailed inspection report and history to decide on your perfect car. Found your match? Schedule a visit to our hub  to test drive it. If you prefer something simpler, just walk into one of our car hubs to see our inventory of Assured cars in person.

2- Visit Alexandra Garage; Check Out the Car

Trust only your eyes, come and see your chosen car in person at our car hub. Our car experts will be available to answer any and all queries you may have about the car or its inspection report. We want to make sure you’re fully satisfied and confident about your chosen car.

3- Take it Out for a Spin

There’s no better way of experiencing a car than by driving it yourself. Test drive your prospective new car your way, with no obligations to buy. We completely understand how important a car buying moment is to everyone and help you examine the car with the same spirit.

4- Payment & Paperwork

We’re glad but not surprised you absolutely loved your chosen car. Ask our executive about all available financing options to seal the deal. We’ll help you throughout in completing the necessary paperwork and any loan related documents if required.

5- Drive Your New Car to Her New Home

Drive your loving car to her new home. Wasn’t that the easiest way of used car buying ever? Drive worry free knowing that your car comes with a 5 days money back guarantee and  free extended warranty.

1- Highly Curated & Handpicked - Pre Filtered on Alexandra Garage Criteria

Only 2009 & above make year Cars

Not driven more than 50000/75000 KMs (CNG/Diesel-Petrol)


Non-Meter Tampered

Regular Serviced & Only Well Maintained Cars

2- Rigorous Inspection by Our Expert Car Inspectors

At Alexandra Garage, we go a step further in making sure your car not only looks but also performs as good as a new car. This is done by conducting a rigorous inspection by certified car experts to ensure impeccable quality. Only those cars that pass our inspection and vehicle history checks are allowed a spot in our hubs.

3- Serviced, dry cleaned, waxed & gift wrapped - Just for you

It doesn’t end there. Your purchased Assured car will come serviced, dry cleaned, waxed, and gift wrapped looking sparkling new as ever. This is our way of saying thanks and making sure your buying moment is made all the more special and memorable.

1-Take Your Time to Reassure Your Love - Enjoy 5-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We do everything, in all fairness, to make sure you fall in love with your car. But in case if you have any second thoughts about the quality or pricing or even if someone doesn’t like the colour of the car in your family, you have 5-Days to return it back for a full refund without answering anything to us. Isn’t that just super awesome? We agree. This is to help you complete your purchase with absolute confidence.

2- Own Without Worry - Free Extended Warranty with Every Car

We stand by our cars. Therefore, to double assure you about the quality of the cars we sell, every Assured car comes with a 1 year free extended warranty. Keep driving your car around with complete peace of mind as we have your back.


3-Save in Thousands - No Middlemen

Alexandra Garage owns the end to end value chain to eliminate layers of middlemen. All cars available on our platform are sourced from individual sellers – this is to ensure better prices for both buyers and sellers by avoiding cascaded service fee layers of various middlemen otherwise present in any typical deal in the market. Also, our technology enabled scaled operations help us lower our overhead costs, which in turn help us pass on better price advantage to you.